Garden All Aglow

The art of using fountains, wall art, planters, statuary, lawn ornaments, birdbaths, birdhouses, arbors, pergolas, flowers and more to make your outdoor area warm

Designing a beautiful garden can provide you with an outdoor sanctuary where your family and friends can relax and invest time in peaceful, tranquil hobbies such as gardening, swimming, sunbathing, or languishing in a hot tub.

Everyone's idea of the perfect outdoor getaway is different, but no matter what your ideal backyard design is, you can accomplish many of your decorating ideas by finding the right flowers, patio furniture, barbecue grills, statuary, garden and outdoor decor.

We will look at the various types of gardens as well as other outdoor types of recreation and simply methods of making your outdoor space a lovely space to hold barbecues and entertain friends and family in a place of warmth and comfort.  As we do in our sites Home All Aglow, Kitchen All Aglow, and Bedroom All Aglow, we will explore means of decorating your available space so that your everyday living space is the place where you would most like to vacation.

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